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Professional Pandemic Organizing Tips

This week, I have invited my friend and Professional Organizer, Megan Ludvinsky, to write as a guest author. Our homes have transitioned into our offices, classrooms and gyms during 2020. She has some great tips to make your home more comfortable and organized.

When the Pandemic first hit, so many of us thought that we would finally have the time to do so many of the things that we always wanted to do. I heard murmurings of learning a new language, playing an instrument, or taking some online classes. However, what I heard the most was this: I am finally going to get my office/garage/computer/etc. organized. Now that we are 8 months in, some of us are wondering, “Have we accomplished all of the organizing that we had first intended?”

Oftentimes the same issues that prevented us from “getting organized” pre-pandemic, still hold true for us now. You might feel overwhelmed. You may not know where to start. Or, you just plain don’t want to do it. I get it. I have been a Professional Organizer for the past 4 years and I have helped countless people overcome these challenges. Here are a few of my Pandemic Organizing tips to get you a few steps closer to that uncluttered life that we are all hoping to attain.

Be kind to yourself  

First rule of pandemic organizing – be kind to yourself. This is a weird time and we are all still adjusting to a new normal. In a perfect scenario in which you are forced to stay home, there would be no time distractions- no kids, no spouses or roommates, and no bad news inundating every screen. Yet, that is not our current reality. It is harder to focus on tasks and follow through with them than in an ordinary scenario.

closet organized

That said, there is space in your life right now to get some things done- and you do still have more time than you normally would to get these projects finished and to be productive. Make a few adjustments to your new situation to make things as normal as possible – then you can focus on projects.

Make a list

Make a list of spaces that you want to organize. Write down the smallest (most doable) projects first, and then end with the largest projects. Just keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to get everything done immediately. For that matter, not everything must be completely finished. Writing them down will set the goal and intention in your mind and plant the seed for action.

Start small

I always encourage people to start small during times of duress. Tackle an easy, quick-start project (from the top of your list) to see results quickly and build momentum. Here are a couple of little projects that can make a big difference.

Office drawer: This is especially important if you are working from home. Be a ruthless editor of what office supplies you will actually use and declutter/donate any supplies that you will not. Use drawer inserts to separate supplies by type.

Linen Closet: Sort your bed linens by size – get rid of old or damaged sheets/towels, declutter sets with missing linens, and donate stained or torn towels (the humane society and veterinarians are still accepting linen donations). Store each bed linen set in a pillowcase from that set, and use bins to separate bed linens by bed size (make sure to label each!).

Homeschool/Virtual School: It’s a challenge for everyone at your house to simultaneously work in a home office right now. Think of other areas of your home that can be used as a quiet space for learning. Make sure your child has all supplies that he/she needs nearby for online lessons. You can use a magazine file for paperwork, and you can employ a movable caddy for supplies (I encourage one of both per kid so there is not squabbling).

home school

Get support

Find a virtual friend or group to help you with motivation and one that you can bounce off ideas. The organizing group that I run on Facebook just hit 35K members (easily proving that you are not alone in this goal!)! It’s called Decluttering and Organizing: Ideas and Encouragement – and it is so sweet, so helpful, and so much fun. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? This group is like having a team of free professional organizers at your disposal. Moreover, right now it is imperative that we connect to people digitally for support. Helping others organize and witnessing their journey can help you.

I hope that these tips can help you kick start that epic pandemic decluttering and organizing journey that you have been planning since March. And if it doesn’t – please refer back to tip one, you got this! Good luck!

Peace, love, and label makers,
Megan Ludvinsky
Owner, About Space Organizing


I hope you enjoyed the above tips from Megan and it helps make your home (office / classroom / gym) more comfortable. As always, we are here for you. Please email or call if you want to set up a Zoom videoconference meeting or talk by phone.

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